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Myrtle Beach DJ Larry Green

Larry Green

Hi. My name is Larry Green. I’m a Wedding Enertainment Director™. Since this title is not a household word, I feel like sharing that there actually IS such a thing. Read a description.

The focus of this blog is on Wedding Entertainment. Pure and simple. Here’s a definition:

wed∙ding en∙ter∙tain∙ment [wed-ing en-ter-teyn-muhnt] noun

    • the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment during the wedding ceremony and/or reception

    • wedding-day events, performances, or activities designed to entertain friends and family, relevant to the fact the couple have joined their lives together in marriage

I’m not professing to be an authority on the subject. Nor an expert. There are several individuals in the wedding industry I refer to as my mentors who, based on what they have achieved and what they example, are real wedding entertainment shining stars. I like to see myself as someone who is learning, more and more, with each new, golden opportunity, how to effectively be in the moment with a room full of wedding attendees and how to serve as the best conduit possible, through which they can experience how wonderful and magical the present wedding celebration is.


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