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A Memorable Production. Really.

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So Many Outstanding Features

This wedding experience was both decor-focused and approached from an entertainment perspective. It also required more than 30 hours of extensive planning and preparation, which on my end included elaborate music editing and forethought for the unique staging requirements. Let’s start by telling you a little about Chris. I’ve never worked with a groom who had such a vision of how he wanted to communicate to his guests and provide a thoroughly entertaining impact on them throughout the festivities—from ceremony to open dancing. He had pictured things in his mind as detailed as what part of the Recessional music he wanted playing as he and Victoria were presented as husband and wife, to the exact moment he was going to escort his mother to the floor for their special dance, the most impressive mother/son dance I’ve ever seen. A video will be forthcoming.

I was retained as their Master of Ceremonies and Reception Director, which during the wedding day included the time covering the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the banquet hall festivities [grand entrance, special dances, mealtime music and special activities, toasting, cake cutting, post meal entertainment, and well-conceived segue into the “Boom Boom Room” (The Landsend Room in Brighton Towers at Kingston Plantation) where two other DJs were set up for the final segment of open dancing.] Though I wasn’t responsible for any of the setup for open dancing, my production requirements were elaborate. For example, I’ve never before sent a wireless signal into the hallway outside the banquet room, so the guests in the party train would hear the music as they passed from the Palisades Ballroom into the Landsend Room. Also, I’ve never set up four LED par cans on either side of the dance floor to illuminate just that area with white light. The dance floor served as the focal point for the grand entrance, special dances, and post meal entertainment. It was more like a stage than a dance floor.

Here’s what was on the Reception Agenda:

6:30 p.m. Cocktail Time Light Jazz
“Top 10” Cards presented to guests

7:30 p.m. Welcome • Victoria’s Grandmother June Deniece Cow-herd
• Chris’ Granndparents: Betty & Thomas Morgan

Grand Entrance (See Adjoining Page)
“Walking” Mary Mary (Parents)
“Baby” Justin Bieber (Children)
“Hello Good Morning Intro 1” (Wedding Party)
“Hello Good Morning Intro 2” (Wedding Party)

DVD 1 Love Wedding Video projected on the screen

B&G’s Entrance “Countdown” Beyonce
Wedding Attendees rise as Victoria and Chris enter the Ballroom

7:45 p.m. B&G’s First Dance “Somebody Up There” Amerie/ Unthinkable” Alicia K Victoria and Chris enjoy their first dance

7:50 p.m. Father/Daughter “Daddy (Abridged)” Beyonce
Victoria dances with her father Max Stevens

Presentation Victoria introduces the slide show dedicated to her mother
(Cordless microphone for Victoria)

7:55 p.m. DVD 2 “For the Love of You” Isley Brothers
Dedication to Katherine Lewis DVD projected on the screen

8:00 p.m. DVD 3 Mother Son DVD projected on the screen
“What’s coming up is a special presentation for Chris’ mom. Judith I’m sure your’e going to like this DVD.”

Mother/Son Dance “Mother’s Love” Kem (on DVD) Chris dances with his mother Judith McClain

8:05 p.m. Blessing Victoria’s Father: Max Stevens Cordless Mic. for Max

Meal Variety of Love Songs

8:10 p.m. DVD 4 Photo Montage of Victoria & Chris projected onto the screen and looped throughout the meal

Kissing Couples Couples names called out in responce to the signal for Chris & Victoria to kiss. The “Kissing Couples” must kiss first and Chris & Victoria will imitate the kiss.
Thomas & Betty Morgan
Sharita & Fabian Williams
Jeneva & William Alan
Max & Marilyn Stevens
Myeesha & Lorenzo Henderson
Katina & Calvin Finch

8:40 p.m. Top 10 “Top 10” reasons why Victoria & Chris will have a long and happy marriage read David Letterman style.

8:50 p.m. Toasts • “She’s Victoria’s friend from Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta, let’s make her feel right at home, our Matron of Honor: My-eesha Jones”

• “She’s Victoria’s roomate from Meredith College in Raleigh, join me in welcoming our Maid of Honor: Tanya Washington”

• “He’s Chris’ cousin and good friend, let’s greet him with a warm round of applause, our Bestman: Terrence Archibald”

• “He’s Chris’ longtime friend, let’s hear it for our Bestman: Calvin Finch”

9:00 p.m. Cake Cutting “Partners for Life” Diddy feat Jamie Foxx
Victoria & Chris cut their cake and feed one another
(While cake is readied to serve, Victoria & Chris change clothes)

9:05 p.m. Music Resumes Variety of Love Songs

9:10 p.m. Presentation “Cu-Step” Cupid
Names are picked out of a hat and the individuals are called forward to learn Cupid’s “Cu-Step”
Mr. Robert Anderson / Vera Wilkerson / Debra Thompson /Nickia Hastings / Terry Richmond /
Robert Claybrook

9:20 p.m. Group Photo Friends and family gather on the dance floor for 2 group photos

9:30 p.m. Party Train “Love Train” O’Jays
Friends and family “ride the train” into the “Boom Boom Room,” led by Chris & Victoria.

9:35 p.m. Soul Train Line “Got to Give It Up” (Party commences in Lands End)

If you’ll indulge me, here’s a little appreciative testimony from the conscientious, hard-working groom. He had such high expectations. When the smoke cleared, I found this wedding celebration very rewarding.

Victoria & Chris McClain, Kingston Plantation, 7/23/11


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